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4729 East Sunrise Drive #156
Tucson AZ 85718


Executive Summary  
Facilitator for Native agencies
Create and implement indigenous community focused events
Indigenous Evaluation Framework (blends qualitative & quantitative) CBPR
Developed and overseen Native youth focused programs


Master’s in Social Welfare, emphasis on Indian Child Welfare, University of California, Berkeley, 1997
B.A. in Psychology, minor in American Indian Studies, California State University, Long Beach, 1995


October 2022, Voice Lab is a nationally recognized yearlong cohort fellowship for leaders of color, hosted by Edge Leadership.
September 2021, Through the Teachings of our Grandmothers: Native Focused 40-Hour Sexual Assault  Advocacy Training, MISWAC
September 2021, Cultural Humility Trainer, Indigenous Vision
May 2021, Nonprofit Leadership & Management Certificate, University of Arizona, Eller Executive Education
March 2021, Facilitator, A World Between Windows
December 2012, Native Youth Leadership Train the Trainers, Native Wellness Institute.     
November 19-21, 2009, Indigenous Evaluation Framework, American Indian Higher Education Consortium.        
May 28 & 29, 2009 Staff Development Specialist Preparation program, Office of the Pima County School Superintendent.  
May 2001, Domestic Violence Counselor Training, Statewide California Coalition for Battered Women.
May 1999, Women’s Group Facilitator Training, Mending the Sacred Hoop.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
34 years of youth engagement programs
31 years of creating and implementing Indigenous community focused events/mentoring program
31 years of large group public presentations and facilitation
31 years of Community Based Participatory Research, emphasis on working with urban and reservation based Indigenous communities
29 years of Oyate Evaluation of Children’s Literature
28 years of Intergenerational Post Traumatic Stress, Healing the Soul Wound. CBPR
27 years Indigenous Evaluation Framework – Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Freire/ Maori Family Circle Engagement Model
22 years of A Window Between Worlds facilitator
13 years of Indigenous Evaluation Framework 
27 years of Microsoft Office software and internet-based research experience


Employment History

President, Indigenous Strategies LLC, Tucson, AZ  | 2012 –present  
I.S. was founded to serve tribal communities by providing strength-based programming and evaluation in educational and social welfare programming.  I.S. blends traditional knowledge with contemporary Indigenous scholarship.  

  • Climate Science Alliance, Southwest Tribal Climate Change Summer, decolonial program development, facilitation and evaluation -2022

  • EcoTruths for Indigenous Youths - Created an intergenerational year-long program for Indigenous youth to critically examine policy and gain leadership skills to enable them to join boards of environmental nonprofits. 2022

  • American Indian College Fund, Telling Our Career Readiness and Employment Program Story - May 2022

  • San Carlos Apache Tribe’s Wellness Center Community Readiness Assessment & Evaluation - 2021

  • Office of Indian Education Strategic Planning Report  - 2020-2021

  • Initiated and created a first-time, skills based professional development conference targeting teachers of Native American students statewide, resulting in the ongoing “Gathering of Educators” - 2010-present

  • Created and developed first-time Native American Wellness and Leadership Program at the Arizona Schools for the Blind and Deaf - 2011-present

  • Facilitated 50 large and small group sessions with all 22 Arizona tribes on topics ranging from education to strategic planning and Indigenous data sovereignty

  • Partnerships with University of Arizona:

    • Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center - 2020-present
      SWAF presentation on Active Listening

    • SWAF Attendee Workbook

    • “STEM RISE AZ” Traditional Ecological Knowledge Coordinator. - 2016 - 2019

    • Facilitated discussion between Wa:K O’odham, Pascua Yaqui and Southside Chicanx communities, comprising 10 distinct programs, to create culturally imbedded math and science curriculum. Provided voice-over work for introductory program video

    • “Engaging Native Boys” - 2015 – 2022
      Designed, co-facilitated and evaluated listening sessions among 80 Native American males ranging from 13 to 30 years of age to identify engagement strategies in education, environment and tribal lifeways. Mentored 3 graduate and undergraduate staff and 8 Native male interns.  

    • “Water is Life” - 2012-2017
      Co-created and evaluated 12 community programs, encompassing film, spiritual walks, youth summits, elder workshops, and campus events.

    • “CLIMAS” Southwest Indigenous Data Sovereignty Summit - 2018

Assisted planning board with conference planning for 50 participants from tribes across the Nation to develop content, deliver content, serve as a conference facilitator and provide summary evaluation.

  • Partnerships with San Xavier District of the Tohono O’odham Nation:

    • San Xavier District Strategic Planning Session for USDA grant 2018

    • San Xavier Allotees Association Board of Directors, Strategic Planning 2017

    • San Xavier Cooperative Farm Board Retreat 2017

    • San Xavier Cooperative Farm Strategic Planning Sessions 2017

    • San Xavier Cooperative Farm, Community Discussion on Tohono O’odham Foodways 2016

    • Tohono O’odham Education Colloquium, 2013

Program Coordinator, Southwest Center for Law and Policy | 2010 to 2011  

  • Coordinated national conferences and technical assistance to tribes on the topics of sexual assault and domestic violence.  

  • Conducted several workshops during events with an emphasis on Native teen violence.

Staff Development Specialist, Pima County Office of School Superintendent, Regional Support Center | 2009 to 2011 

  • Developed professional development workshops to meet the needs of high density Native American student population schools in Pima County;

  • Conducted monthly workshops for 50 educators in Pima County in regards to Native American issues in social studies and engaging Native students and their families.

Professional Development Facilitator, Tucson Unified School District, Title I/Family Support | 2008-2011  

  • Facilitate a monthly dialogue amongst 30 Community Representatives and Family Liaisons in TUSD to create intercultural proficiency using the Courageous Conversations;

  • Create and teach curriculum for Title I teachers on family and student engagement;

  • Provide trainings to 300 parents and youth at annual Title I family conferences.  

Southwest Coach, Center for Native Education, Antioch University, Seattle, WA | 2006 - 2007

  • Create and promote relationships between secondary, post-secondary and # tribal partners to develop the Early College for Native Youth high school model in the southwest United States;  

  • Promote the Early College model at Indian education conferences and meetings throughout the Southwest;

  • Implement training presentations to the Center for Native Education partners about the role of post-secondary partners.

Multicultural Counselor/Early College High School Liaison, Everett Community College, Everett, WA  | 2005 -2006

  • Early College High School Liaison to Heritage High School on Tulalip reservation:

    • Created programming to bring high school students to the college; 

    • linked students to college services;

    • presided over a governing board of Early College stakeholders on campus;

    • coordinated trainings for administration and faculty providing needed historical and current events in Northwest Indian education and sovereignty issues.  

  • Multicultural Counselor:

    • Provided personal, career and educational counseling and crisis intervention, provided group counseling in the Diversity and Equity Center;

    • Researched Native American and Latino student needs using research methods and created the Retain American Indians Now! (RAIN) student retention program from recommendations developed in the needs assessment evaluation.

Multicultural Counselor/Academic Readiness Center (ARC) Facilitator, Everett Community College | 2005 to 2005

  • As the ARC facilitator: 

    • Assessed and coordinated student referrals within the Rainer Learning Center with an emphasis on retention and academic success of students of color;

    • facilitating educational initiatives with local tribal communities.

  • As the Multicultural Counselor: 

    • Provided personal, career, and educational counseling, crisis intervention and suicide assessments for the Diversity and Equity Center;

    • Created and implemented the American Indian student needs assessment.

Support Group Facilitator, Communities Against Rape and Abuse, Seattle, WA | 2004 - 2005 

  • Co-facilitated a multi-racial support group for survivors of sexual assault.   

  • Improved the administrative intake process and recruitment of clients.  

  • Introduced non-psychotherapeutic means to support survivors of domestic violence.

Psychiatric Social Worker, Los Angeles County, Department of Mental Health, American Indian Counseling Center | 2001 - 2003

  • Provided therapy for individuals exhibiting depressive, anxious, psychotic and/or other symptoms of mental illness.  

  • Facilitated anger management group therapy to men in drug recovery and individual dual diagnosis short-term therapy for Changing Spirits rehabilitation facility.  

  • Agency specialist in working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Talking Circle Facilitator, Educational Opportunities for Native Americans, Long Beach, CA | 2001- 2003  

  • Independent contractor to provide culturally sensitive parenting education on a weekly basis for parents, grandparents, foster parents or other relatives caring for American Indian children in the Long Beach Unified School District.  

  • Facilitated a Teen Talking Circle program for 12 to 21-year-old youth.

Children’s Social Worker II, Los Angeles County, Department of Child and Family Services, American Indian Unit | 1999 - 2001

  • Provided in-home visitation, crisis intervention, family preservation, family reunification and pre-adoptive services to 100 American Indian children and their families throughout Los Angeles County.

Caseworker, Indian Child and Family Services, Temecula, CA | 1997 to 1998

  • Tribal advocate, 

  • Indian Expert Witness for San Diego and Riverside Counties, 

  • foster family agency social worker, 

  • counselor for children, natural family members and foster parents for a caseload of fifteen children from urban and reservation areas in Riverside, San Diego and San Bernardino counties.

Children’s Social Worker Intern, Contra Costa County, CA | 1996 - 1997

  • Facilitated Independent Living Skills program for 10 teenage clients to facilitate their emancipation from foster care.

  • Provided casework for sixteen children in permanent placement settings. 

Social Work Intern, American Indian Child Resource Center | 1995 - 1996

  • Provided weekly in-home visits for children, natural family members and foster parents for four Indian Child Welfare Act cases, acting on behalf of tribes throughout the nation.

Assistant to the Director, American Indian Studies, California State University, Long Beach | 1992 -1995

  • Collaborated in organizing the first Symposium on the Status of American Indians in the California State University in January 1993

  • National Conference on American Indian in Higher Education in March 1995

  • Provided recruitment and retention services for American Indian students to the university. 

  • public relations services for the AIS office.  

Research Assistant, Department of Social Work at California State University, Long Beach | 1991 - 1992

  • Compiled research for Sociocultral and Service Issues in Working with American Indian Clients, published by the Department of Social Work.

Children’s Attendant to the Handicapped, Glendale Unified School District | 1988 - 1990

  • Assisted special education 6 teachers with severely emotionally disturbed, physically handicapped, behaviorally disturbed and mentally handicapped adolescents. 

Eligibility Worker, Los Angeles County, Department of Social Services | 1987 - 1988 

  • Determined eligibility for applicants seeking AFDC, Medi-Cal and Food Stamp services.  

  • Provided case management services for 500 recipients of services


HONOR Collective: Healing Our Nations, Offering Resiliency | 2019 - present

Founding Matriarch of a collective comprised of Indigenous women, Two Spirit and nonbinary individuals who are grounded in feminine energy to support individuals, families and communities who have experienced trauma.  The Collective provides outreach, education and support around the topic of Murdered, Missing Indigenous Relations to tribal and urban Indian communities in Southern Arizona.  

Indigenous Intellectual Warriors | 2010 - present

Advisor to a nonprofit of Indigenous college-going males who cultivate space for Indigenous intellectualism, wisdom keepers, scholars and communities to sustain language, culture, wisdom sharing, kinship and action toward strengthening Native Sovereignty, Tribal development and self-governance.

Native Education Alliance | 2006 - present

Co-founder of a local network comprised of Native educators and Native professionals from throughout Pima County who strengthen The Native student experience through free programming for students, their families and community, including annual LandSpeaks and Native Youth WARRIOR Showcase.

Huchoosedah College Mentoring Project Administrator | 2003 to 2005

Huchoosedah Indian Education Program in Seattle Public Schools from.  Researched effective mentoring practices, co-created a mentoring project for American Indian youth in Seattle Public Schools focusing on creating an emotional appeal to attain a post secondary education.  Trained mentors on effective and ethical practices in mentoring.

Professional Mentorship
2020 - present    Arizona State University, field instructor for the School of Social Work, 2 MSW, 1BSW
2016 - present    Indigenous Intellectual Warriors, 20 male-identified mentees
2013 - present    University of Arizona, American Indian Alumni scholars, 100 mentees
2003 - 2005    Huchoosedah College Mentoring Project, 15 college mentors
1995 - 1997    California State University, Long Beach peer mentoring program, Lead Mentor 


Advisory / Board Positions
2020-present    Chair, Loft Cinema Racial Justice Committee
2020-present    Arizona State University, Office of American Indian Programs Advisory 
2016 – 2021    Indigenous Stewards Advisory Board
2016 – 2021     Founding Director, AIEA Protecting Our Land Summer Camp
2016 – 2019    Tribal Forum Planning Committee, Southwest Environmental Health Center
2015 - 2019    Executive Board member, Arizona Indian Education Association 
2014 –present    Executive Board Member, Loft Cinema
2014 - 2016    Facilitator, ITCA Tribal Education Working Group
2013 - 2017    Planning Committee, Foster Ed in Pima County, AZ
2012 - present    Director, Native Leadership Program, Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind
2012 - 2017    Planning Committee, Native Eyes Showcase
2010 - present    University of Arizona Native American Advisory Council to the President
2005 - 2006    Director, Retain American Indians Now! Program
2003 – 2005    Co-Director & Mentor Trainer, Huchoosedah College Mentoring Project


Awards and Recognition
Awarded University of Arizona, American Indian Alumni Higher Education Award - 2019
Awarded Everett Community College, Outstanding Faculty-Staff Member - 2005-06

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