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Community Reciprocity
H.O.N.O.R. Collective

Since 2019, the HONOR Collective has been providing healing spaces to individuals, families and communities experiencing the outcomes of the many threads of Murdered & Missing Indigenous Relatives.   HONOR is comprised of Indigenous women, two spirit, nonbinary and trans individuals who identify in the feminine. HONOR responds to both our local tribal communities as well as Tucson urban Indian community while also reaching across to Canadian First Nations organizations and Mexico and Central American Indigenous peoples. Melodie of I.S. is one of three Founding Matriarchs.

NEA, Tucson is a grassroots effort of urban and tribal schools including Head Start, K-12, community college and university educators who create unique events for all of our families.  These events have included Back to School events, LandSpeaks, Native STEM and Native Youth WARRIOR Showcase.  We have taken a step back since pandemic concerns have not allow our large gatherings. Melodie of I.S. is a co-founder of NEA.
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Indigenous Intellectual Warriors

IIW is the outcome of the Engaging Native Boys project began in 2015 when two Native men asked Melodie of Indigenous Strategies "where are our Native boys?" referring to educational pursuits. Thus, began nearly a decade of facilitated conversations, gathering and programs including - Engaging Native Boys in Education, Tribal Lifeways & Environmental Stewardship.  In 2022, ENB released our community report "(Re)Establishing Kinship with Native Boys: A Story of (Re)Learning & Listening to Native Male Voices". 
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